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Updated: Mar 5, 2020

If you are accessing this website and reading this blog, chances are you're doing so from your mobile device. It comes to no surprise due to the staggering statistics that were last published in 2019, which indicate that 67% of world wide traffic comes from mobile devices according to As entrepreneurs we must be able to interpret this information and apply it to our daily business strategies including but not limited to web design and advertisement.

A website that looks professional and accessible on a desktop will look completely different on a smartphone or table. When getting your website designed, it is extremely important that online users can navigate your website on multiple devices while maintaining accessibility. Creating a website for desktop and online is in reality creating two websites. This takes time and dedication in order to achieve appropriate results. Below we can analyze how different companies took the time to make their website accessible to all platforms, both mobile and desktop:

When we analyze both versions of these two websites, it is clear that a mobile website offers a simple design that is easier to read on the small screen. Just imagine how difficult it would be to navigate the desktop version of Amazon on a smartphone. By properly arranging content that is most important for users who navigate on their phone, your business could increase the amount of visitors and potentially the overall sales. Sales are ultimately what drive businesses to success, which is why it is also important to focus on how ads are displayed on smartphones.

Advertisement takes a big role in how your business is presented to the public eye. Depending on age and demographics, you only have a small amount of time to capture the attention of the target market. By presenting an ad-incorrectly to mobile users, your business could be losing hundreds or thousands of dollars. There are many ways in which ads are presented poorly, these variations can range from:

  • Small font

  • Poor contrast choices

  • Font type

  • Image resolution

  • Size of the image

These negative variations can lead to ineffective ad campaigns and can even hurt the overall presence of your business. To avoid these mistakes, plan out the theme of your ad by sorting out the content you want to use, focused on a mobile perspective. Selecting images that are easy for the eye, font that is readable on a small screen, and overall resolution that is clear for the viewer are all important when designing a mobile ad. Lastly keep in mind that your ad will be reduced in quality once posted on Facebook or Instagram. A video that may look 1080p on your phone may be uploaded to these online platforms at a reduced resolution.

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