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As an online retail store, Fitness Buys contacted us so we could design a website that could satisfy the needs of their consumers. Our first step towards promoting Fitness Buys was by creating a website that was easy to access from a mobile and desktop platform and increasing their online presence.

Once establishing their online presence through ad-designs that increase consumer interaction, our last step was to invest on SEO Marketing through Google AdWords, by doing so, we saw a 35% increase on their website and also a constant decrease in the bounce rate. 

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Web Design

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25% Increase In Sales in 2018

More customer interactions

Google Reviews Increased by 5% in the past 7 months

"InterMarketing Solutions is the right choice for me and will be for any business owner" -Abel Gonzalez

Social Media campaigns launched daily 

AdWords producing more than 300+ web visitors weekly

Social media accounts created and managed