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// web design + social media + aerial video

Frida's Mexican Restaurant and Cuisine came to InterMarketing Solutions for a full marketing development project. This business required digital marketing strategies, advertisement designs, including video promotions. The first phase began with the re-design of their website, in order to make it more modern and user-friendly.


Once setting a new design, we began promoting their website through the use of SEO Marketing in Google AdWords and on Social Media platforms.  These strategies led to an increase in sales for Frida's Mexican Restaurant and Cuisine, allowing for more leads and conversions on social media and through their website. 

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Web Design

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25% Increase In Sales in 2018

More customer interactions

Google Reviews Increased by 5% in the past 7 months

Social Media campaigns launched daily 

"InterMarketing Solutions is the right choice for me and will be for any business owner" -Abel Gonzalez

AdWords producing more than 300+ web visitors weekly

Social media accounts created and managed